The Heroines

Ruth Muci

is honored with a Brick from J.R. and Rhita J. Muci

Ruth Lillian Muci was born on January 17, 1911, to Frank and Goldie Rellez in Lyons, KS. She was the oldest of five children. Ruth and John Muci were married on June 25, 1927, when she was just 16. Eight children were born to this union.

Ruth believed and insisted that all of the children should get a high school diploma and encouraged them to seek further education and training as well. She was a good mother and, with her husband, worked hard to provide necessitates for the family. She was a skilled homemaker -- sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, etc.
After the children were grown, she completed her GED and worked as a nurses' aid -- a job she really loved. She was recognized by her patients as a very loving and caring person.
She passed on the date of her birth in 1996 in Hutchinson, KS. Seven of her children, her husband and more than 40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren survive her. All are grateful for her life.
September 1, 1999