The Heroines

O'Ruth Petterson

is honored with a Brick from Joan Snodgrass, Karen Heidebrecht, Ann K. Smith, Natasha Fife

I have her as a friend, but am still searching for a doctor. She was always ready to help and you could tell by the tone of her voice if you need to take it lightly or be concerned. Every child was a "beautiful doll" and she is one special person.

Submitted by Joan Snodgrass

I started this by just writing words down to describe you such as caring, unique, "Dr. for all," God's angel, honesty, laughter, openness and that wink of your eye. It's high praise to say that someone is "genuine - the real thing." Dr. O'Ruth "genuine" is what you have been to us. We use the image of jewelry when we talk about character: "Pure gold - 14 karat - rings true - a diamond of the first water - a pearl." The qualities of beauty and rarity make gems precious to us and by using the same language to describe people, we imply that real personal worth is equally beautiful and equally rare. You are a precious gem! Dr. O'Ruth, we love you.

Submitted by Karen Heidebrecht

It is so hard to put into words just how much you have meant to me and to all your patients. I can say "thank you" for your words of encouragement, for the sparkle in your eyes, for the special attention you gave to my daughters and for being there when I stopped by the office with a problem and without an appointment. But a simple "thank you" is not enough, as you deserve much, much more. You should be given the highest honor the medical profession awards, for you are truly a "patient's doctor." You knew and know what doctoring is all about - caring for your patients.

Submitted by Natasha Fife

If you really knew my Dr. O'Ruth you'd love her! A more caring and sharing person is impossible to find. She loved all her patients and treated them like family. Her cures sometimes seemed strange but they always worked. Dr. O'Ruth was constantly up and cheerful, even in the middle of the night. She was always open, as my children always seemed to plan their illnesses on weekends. Dr. O'Ruth will always be a part of my life and my girls and I will always have love for this dear lady.

Submitted by Ann K. Smith

Karen Heidebrecht stated our feelings for you when she sated you are "pure gold," "a diamond," "a pearl," and all the qualities of beauty. You are a precious gem! Dr. O'Ruth, we love you.

December 14,1999