The Heroines

Ruth E. Niernberger

is honored with a Brick from Trix, Gary and Sheryl Niernberger.

 Ruth E. Niernberger
Ruth E. Niernberger: A child of farmers on the rugged western Kansas prairie. A young bride of 19 years who moved to Wichita to start a better life. A wife who supported her husband through college. A devoted worker at Wesley Hospital. A caring community volunteer. A mother of three children who wish to honor her.
We thank Ruth for her teaching, care and love:
* From Ruth's hard work, we learned perseverance.
* From Ruth's self-discipline, we learned moderation.
* From Ruth's responsibility to her family, we learned commitment.
* From Ruth's comfort and encouragement, we learned self-confidence.
* From Ruth's self-reliance, we learned to strive for personal excellence.
* From Ruth's courage, we learned to attempt the difficult.
* From Ruth's honesty, we learned to be truthful.
* From Ruth's unselfishness, we learned empathy.
* From Ruth's righteousness, we learned justice, fairness and mercy.

She changed our diapers, nursed us when we were sick, helped us with our homework, cheered for us in sports and politics and the arts, consoled us upon our defeats, bragged about our accomplishments, encouraged us through college and many jobs, welcomed our spouses, and now, spoils our children with great pleasure.

Ruth Niernberger, a heroine of great measure. A heroine who is much loved by her three children: Trix, Sheryl and Gary Niernberger, spouses Tim Quigley and Kelly Niernberger, and grandchildren Jasmine and Avery Niernberger and Dylan Quigley.

Written Mother's Day, 1997

October 1, 1999