The Heroines

Clara Pfeifer CSJ

is honored with a Brick from Thursday Morning Book Club- Judy Brahan, Mary Ann Carpar, Andi Gragart, Diana Knolla, Linda Lauve, Susan Mann, Connie Remmert, Joyce Rosch, Judy Schoeffler, Tiasha Seely, Angie Urenda, and Nancy Winters


Clara Pfeifer was born on a farm in Western Kansas, on August 20, 1919. She was the tenth of sixteen children born to Margaret Ann and Frank Pfeifer, second generation Volga German immigrants. Clara has always been fiercely independent, curious, and deeply spiritual. She entered the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Wichita, Kansas, when she was fifteen, making her final vows on August 15, 1942. Her vocation has been to minister to others through teaching, counseling, and mentoring. We are twelve women who have come to know Clara through her work at St. Vincent De Paul Parish in Andover, Kansas, and in particular through her Thursday Morning Book Club. Clara challenges us to read books that stretch our minds and spirits so that we become better citizens of the earth. Just as Clara was instilled with a strong pioneering spirit by her mother, she now passes down that legacy to those who have the good fortune to be a part of her continuing education. Clara has a way of making all feel equal and welcome as she guides individuals on their personal search for knowledge and truth. Her spiritual journey continues to be not only a guiding force in our lives, but also in the lives of countless other individuals who have had the good fortune of knowing her. For them and for ourselves we would like to say:

CLARA, for sharing your knowledge and love of Scripture knowing that building on the past prepares us to evolve into the ever-changing future;
. for sharing your ways of prayer and your deep love of Jesus in the Eucharistic celebration that surrounds you and comes to life in your community and your church;
for serious moments as well as those filled with laughter and for sharing your childhood memories;
for our newly discovered thoughts and ideas of what can be…and for helping us to discover our potential and bring it to life;
for challenging us to think outside the box and for helping us understand more fully the ways of God;
for understanding when our questions or comments must seem mundane;
for wisdom and advice as we shape your words into our own way of thinking and apply them in relevant and practical ways to our own life situations;
for your spiritual guidance and the pride we feel as women in the church today;
for loving and mentoring us as we grow in our faith while seeing yours burst forth in full bloom;

Clara’s Thursday Morning Book Club
Susan Mann, Angie Urenda, Joyce Roach, Diana Knolla, Andrea Gragert, Nancy Winters, Tiasha Seely, Judy Schoeffler, Connie Remmert, Mary Ann Carper,