The Heroines

Diana Princess of Wales

is honored with a Medium Paver from Jane Bianco, Pamela Bjork, Patricia Colby, Mary Anne Cole, Sara Crockett, Ivonne Goldstein, Valda Lewis, USS Jeannette Maddox, Dorothy Miller, Susan Morton, Tori Peters, Rita Smith, Jennifer Sparlin, Donna Strong, and Jacqueline Welman.

Once upon a time, I dreamed that I would meet my Prince Charming and live happily everafter, but just like in real life, it never happens, not even in the monarchy.

I watched your wedding on television and thought how lovely and lucky you were. Then I followed your life and, like me, you were abused mentally and your dreams did not come true. You had two lovely boys with which you could bestow your love and charm, and what lovely boys they are; I pray each day for them to remain this way.

You did not let Prince Charles drag you down completely. You arose like a phoenix from the ashes and took your love to the commoners. I admired you very much for all of this. I am so very sad that after reaching out for happiness again, that your life had to end in tragedy and pain. May your memory and hope for everyone to have a better future live on forever. Thank you for letting us women, and the world, love and respect you.

Submitted by Susan Morton

September 4, 1998 (for Princess Diana)