The Heroines

Leigh Aaron-Leary

is honored with a Brick from Susan K. Reiff.

Born: Kansas City, MO
Education: Undergraduate and Master's Degrees from Wichita State University.
Family: Two daughters and two sons.
Occupation: Counselor and Lecturer.
Lives today in Wichita, KS with husband Mike Leary.

Leigh Aaron-Leary is a charming example of the 90s woman. She is intelligent, self-assured and assertive, yet is compassionate, with a feminine charm and soft manner about her. One could easily characterize her as a thoroughly charming woman, but there is so much more to Leigh! She is also everything that is wholesome and positive about women. Leigh states her position on whatever issue is
in question without fear of the opinion of others. She knows who she is and what she is all about. She has learned that women have just as much right to express themselves as men and she will never hesitate to do so.

This combination of compassion, intelligence and assertiveness has made her ideal for her career as a therapist and teacher. Leigh has been gifted with the ability to inspire qualities of assertiveness and confidence in others. Through Leigh, I learned to value my own ideas and myself. Leigh makes those around her feel worthwhile and important. She not only encourages everyone to pursue their goals and desires, but also makes wonderful, creative suggestions as to how.

Leigh possesses a positive and optimistic view of the world and those around her. She always seems to
be smiling. She likes people, but is not a slave to their opinions, nor is she bound by convention. She will paint her house yellow because she loves yellow. She will wear a funny little hat when the mood is upon her. Leigh is unique and she enriches the lives of all her know her.

September 14, 1998